Montana Board of Housing

The Montana Board of Housing’s purpose is to support the development of safe, accessible and affordable homes for individuals and families in Montana. The board does this by partnering with organizations that provide affordable homes in Montana, issuing tax-exempt bonds, allocating federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, and administering federal housing programs.

The board provides policy direction for all of Montana Housing’s programs, except for the rental assistance programs. The Board is self-supporting, does not receive appropriations from the state's general fund and is administratively attached to the Montana Department of Commerce.

The Montana Board of Housing was created under the Montana Housing Act of 1975 and is comprised of seven members appointed by the governor and confirmed by the state senate.

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The following Montana Board of Housing resources have been curated for Board members to understand state and federal policies that guide the programs the Board oversees.


Multifamily Housing Credit Refresher Training

Credit Refresher Training Video


Huber vs Groff

1976 description of the proposed programs of the Housing Board. This is an original proceeding brought by Charles W. Huber, against the members of the Board of Housing seeking a declaratory judgment pursuant to Chapter 89, Title 93, Revised Codes of Montana 1947. Mr. Huber seeks to have the "Housing Act of 1975" declared unconstitutional.


Executive Order

Executive Order No. 2-87 - Executive Order designating the Montana Board of Housing to Administer the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, 1987.


Montana Code Annotated

Montana Code Annotated 2023 2.2.201 Public officers, employees, and former employees not to have interest in contracts.

Montana Code Annotated 2023 2.3.201 through 2.3.114 Open Meetings

Montana Code Annotated 2023 2.15.1814 Board of housing -- allocation -- composition -- quasi-judicial.

Montana Code Annotated 2023 2.15.122 Creation of advisory councils.

Montana Code Annotated 2023 2.15.123 Administratively created agencies -- prohibition.

Montana Code Annotated 2023 2.15.124 Quasi-judicial boards.

Montana Code Annotated 2023 2.15.155 State agency board, committee, commission, or advisory council member information to be published.

Montana Code Annotated 2023 2.15.1814 Board of housing -- allocation -- composition -- quasi-judicial.

Montana Code Annotated 2023 15.6.221 Exemption for rental housing providing affordable housing to lower-income tenants.

Montana Code Annotated 2023 17.5.1301 through 17.5.1325 Montana Unified Volume Cap Bond Allocation Plan Act

Montana Code Annotated 2023 32.9.104 Exemptions - Proof of Exemption (concerning Montana Mortgage Act, in relation to Residential Mortgage Brokers, Lenders, Servicers, and Loan Originators)

Montana Code Annotated 2023 80.12.216 Agricultural loan guaranty fund.

Montana Code Annotated 2023 90.6.101 through 90.6.136 Financing of Housing


Housing Montana Fund

Montana Code Annotated 2023 90.6.131 Legislative declaration

Montana Code Annotated 2023 90.6.132 Definitions

Montana Code Annotated 2023 90.6.133 Housing Montana fund - administration

Montana Code Annotated 2023 90.6.134 Housing Montana fund - loan capital restricted to interest on principal - eligible applicants

Montana Code Annotated 2023 90.6.135 Coordination with other programs

Montana Code Annotated 2023 90.6.136 Administrative rules

State Ethics Policy


Reverse Annuity Mortgage Loan

Montana Code Annotated 2023 90.6.501 through 90.6.507 Reverse Annuity Mortgage Loan


Montana Veterans' Home Loan Mortgage Program

Montana Code Annotated 2023 90-6-601 Short title. Montana Veterans' Home Loan Mortgage Program Act.

Montana Code Annotated 2023 90-6-602 Definitions. Montana Veterans' Home Loan Mortgage Program Act.

Montana Code Annotated 2023 90-6-603  Veterans' home loan mortgage program created - use of coal tax trust fund money.

Montana Code Annotated 2023 90-6-604  Additional terms of program. Montana Veterans' Home Loan Mortgage Program Act.

Montana Code Annotated 2023 90-6-605  Rules to be adopted by board. Montana Veterans' Home Loan Mortgage Program Act.


Administrative Rules

Administrative Rules of Montana 8.1.101 Organizational Rule

Administrative Rules of Montana 8.2.101-8.2.401 Department Rules

Administrative Rules of Montana 8.111.101-8.111.603 Board of Housing

Administrative Rules of Montana 8.111.501 PURPOSE OF REGULATIONS (explanation and guidance for Housing Montana fund)

Administrative Rules of Montana 8.111.701 Purpose and Objective of Montana Veterans' Home Loan Act



Ex Parte Communication Policy

Investment Policy

Legislative Communications Policy Handbook

Conflict of Interest Policy

Board Member Attendance Policy

Sheila Rice - Board Vice Chair (Great Falls)
Current Term: 2027

Sheila was Executive Director of NeighborWorks Great Falls from 2003 to 2018 as well as ED of NeighborWorks Montana from 2003 to 2015. In 2019, she held an interim position as Chief Operating Officer at NeighborWorks America.  In 2007, she completed the Achieving Excellence Program at Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. She was selected as the national NeighborWorks’ Emerging Leader of the Year in 2007 and received HUD's Lightning Rod Mover and Shaker Award in 2009. Sheila holds a BS in Chemistry and an MBA. She served in the Montana House of Representatives in 1991 and 1993 legislative sessions, and was a member of the Montana Redistricting Commission in 2000.  

Bruce Posey - Board Chairman (Billings)
Current Term: 2025

Bruce is a native of Montana and was raised in Kalispell. He earned his BA in Business from the University of Montana and his MS in Finance and Real Estate from Colorado State University. He is also a Certified Mortgage Banker. After a 36 year career Bruce retired from the mortgage banking business, the last 29 years of which he was the owner of Streeter Brothers Mortgage Corp. Streeter Brothers was a true mortgage banker originating and servicing loans. At one point it serviced over 70 percent of all Montana Board of Housing loans, residential and multifamily. Bruce was a Governor of the Mortgage Bankers Association of America as well as the Independent Director of the Mortgage Electronic Registry System (MERS).

Amber Parish - Board Secretary (Billings)
Current Term: 2025

Amber Parish is the Business Development Officer for Stewart Title in Billings. She joined the company in 2018 following nearly 14 years as the Government Affairs Director for the Billings Association of Realtors®. Outside of work Amber focuses much of her efforts on housing and economic development issues. Amber currently serves on the board of directors for the Billings Public Library Foundation and the Partners for Parks Foundation. Amber is an active volunteer for Yellowstone Public Radio and has served as President of the Friends of Public Radio Board of Directors. She is a graduate of Montana State University-Billings and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications.

Jeanette McKee (Hamilton)
Current Term: 2027

Jeanette is a former legislator, and has served as development officer of the Montana Historical Society Foundation and as an advisor to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. She's currently a real estate agent in Hamilton and serves on the Daly Mansion Board. She holds a bachelor's degree in elementary education from the University of Montana.

Cari Yturri (Great Falls)
Current Term: 2025

Cari Yturri has been a Great Falls community volunteer ever since selling her auto dealership, Bennett Motors Inc., in 2015. As an auto dealer, she served on General Motors Women’s Retail Initiative Board for five years and on the Montana Auto Dealers Association Board for three in addition to serving on several local boards. After retiring, she graduated from Leadership Montana in 2017 and is currently serving as a Trustee on the University of Providence Board, on the NeighborWorks Great Falls Board of Directors and on the Rotary Club of Great Falls Board. Cari received her Bachelor of Business Administration from Gonzaga University and her Master of Organizational Leadership from the University of Providence.

Tonya Plummer (Kalispell)
Current Term: 2025

Tonya Plummer is a Montana Native, born in Glasgow, and an enrolled tribal member with Fort Belknap Assiniboine, Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux, and Little Shell heritage. After a career in mortgage banking working on all sides of the mortgage process and ending as an DE underwriter, she shifted her focus to tribal homeownership and was the founding executive director of Montana Native Growth Fund, a Native CDFI based in Fort Belknap before accepting a position as the Native American Housing Programs Director for Enterprise Community. Tonya is also working to revive and expand a Montana Native Homeownership Coalition to uplift the capacity of all Montana’s tribal communities to collaboratively create new opportunities. She is passionate about inspiring a renewed and culturally empowered rise in tribal homeownership as a cornerstone of stimulating and stabilizing tribal economies. Tonya raised her four children in Montana where she was born and now loves kayaking in the west and hunting in the east side of our beautiful state. 

John Grant (Helena)
Current Term: July 1, 2023 to January 5, 2025

John Grant is a lawyer with Jackson, Murdo and Grant, P.C., . J.D. from Gonzaga University School of Law and B.A. from the University of Montana. Practiced law in Helena since 1977. Areas of Practice include: Banking and commercial law, bankruptcy, employment law, real estate, corporations, wills, trusts, and probate. Spends time at cabin on Canyon Ferry Lake, fly fishing, snow skiing, and enjoying company of grandchildren.