Investment Policy

The Montana Board of Housing staff annually reviews and updates the investment policy under which all Board investments are made. The investment policy is review and approved by the Board. The most current approved policy can be obtained here.

Financial Statements

The Montana Board of Housing fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Financial statements are prepared based on the fiscal year. The five most recent audited financial statements are:

Fiscal Year 2022
Fiscal Year 2021

Fiscal Year 2020
Fiscal Year 2019
Fiscal Year 2018

Prior year financial statements are available from the Legislative Audit Division. Please visit the Legislative Audit Reports By Year and search for the desired year and filter for “Housing” to obtain prior Board of Housing audited financial statements.

Outstanding Bonds

Information on outstanding bonds is available on the Electronic Municipal Market Access website or by clicking on the link for each series.

Single Family I Single Family II Single Family XI Multifamily GO
2015 Series B-1 2013 Series A-1 2009 Series D 1998 Series A-1
2015 Series B-2 2013 Series A-2 2012 Series A
2016 Series A-1 2013 Series A-3 2012 Series A-2
2016 Series A-2 2013 Series B-1
2017 Series A 2013 Series B-2
2017 Series A-2 2014 Series A-1
2017 Series B-1 2014 Series A-2
2017 Series B-2 2014 Series A-3
2018 Series B 2015 Series A
2019 Series B 2018 Series A
2020 Series A 2019 Series A
2020 Series B
2020 Series C
2021 Series A-1
2021 Series A-2
2022 Series A
2022 Series B
2022 Series C
2020A Series A-2
2021B Series B
2023A Series A
2023B Series B
2023C Series C