Multifamily Funding Sources

Montana Housing offers a variety of loans and bonds to aid in the development of Multifamily Housing across the State of Montana. Please see the options below and click on the links for further information or please contact us.

For Loan Program Documents, please click here (applies to all loan programs)

All documents have been updated as of January 1, 2023

Multifamily Loan Program (limited funds available)

  • Montana Housing has existing funds within our indentures and reserves that are allowed to be loaned as an investment in housing. As these funds become available, they will be used for applications submitted depending on the proposed terms of the loan.
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Conduit Bond Program (funds available)

  • Conduit Bonds are issued, for the purpose of financing a mortgage loan made to a sponsor of a multifamily housing project located in the State of Montana for the construction, acquisition, or rehabilitation of a Project which incorporates the use of low-income housing tax credits.
  • Conduit Bond Policy

Coal Trust Multifamily Homes Program (limited funds available)

Housing Montana Fund (limited funds available)

  • ARMs 8.111.501 to 515(link to: ) 


    • Contributions, gifts and grants may be deposited into the fund. If you would like to contribute, please send a clearly marked check to Montana Housing. 
    • Please discuss with your tax professional if this contribution would be an allowable tax deduction.

American Rescue Plan Act
(no funding available)

The American Rescue Plan (ARPA) funds were released by the U.S. Department of the Treasury in 2021 and aids in providing support for costs incurred during the economic challenges resulting from the pandemic. 

Please click HERE is additional information on the ARPA Coronavirus State & Local Fiscal Recovery Funds for the State of Montana.   

Montana Housing with the Department of Commerce was awarded $15 million by the Economic Transformation, Stabilization & Workforce Development Advisory Commission in the Fall of 2021. This $15 million of ARPA Section 602 funds under HB 632 Section 12(1) will ensure affordable housing in the development pipeline that has already received federal funding awards or Housing Credit allocations in prior years will be successfully completed. The $15 million was fully allocated to projects and there are no additional funds left from this award. 

See the links below for additional information: 

Governor Approval Including List of Awarded Projects 

Memorandum for Gap Financing for Affordable Housing