Welcome to Montana Housing’s lender page. The success of Montana Housing relies heavily on our partnership with lenders. We work with Participating Lenders throughout the state to offer low-interest loans to eligible buyers. We also offer down payment assistance and mortgage credit certificates, which may increase a potential buyers’ purchasing power.

Why a Montana Housing loan?

Seven Federal Eligibility Requirements:

The funds used to purchase loans are from tax-exempt bonds called Mortgage Revenue Bonds (MRB’s), therefore, the IRS imposes seven eligibility requirements for which all borrowers must qualify under:

  1. Income Limits depending on number of people living in the household.
  2. Purchase Price Limits that vary by county & whether an area is Targeted or Non-Targeted.
  3. The residence must be a borrower’s primary residence.
  4. Trade or business use cannot exceed 15% of the residence’s total area.
  5. Be a first-time homebuyer, (not owned a principal residence during the previous three-year period, *some exceptions apply).
  6. Funds must be used to purchase a home (refinancing not allowed).
  7. Recapture Tax is a possibility.

It is our goal to make sure our participating lenders understand our loan process by offering a variety of resources, including training for lending staff. Contact us to request training or for more program information.

Mortgage Purchase & Servicing Guide 2024 Terms & Conditions MBOH Quick Reference Guide Income Determination Guide


Participating lenders can use our password-protected online system to submit loan reservations, check loan status, download pre-filled product forms and view updates and special product announcements. Visit Lender Online, our lender portal, to log on and get started now: