Homeownership creates a sense of pride, provides an opportunity to increase financial stability and helps build vibrant communities. For most people, owning their own home is their most important goal. Montana Housing is Montana’s trusted partner for affordable and responsible homeownership.  



There’s nothing like that feeling of calling your home your own. Through our statewide network of participating lenders, Montana Housing programs offer benefits for homebuyers such as low interest rates and down payment and closing cost assistance. Explore the many ways we can assist you to become a homeowner in Montana.


Since 1975, Montana Housing has partnered with lenders around the state to offer home buying options that aren’t available anywhere else. The success of Montana Housing’s mission relies heavily on our partnerships with lenders. Montana Housing programs can help make homeownership a reality for a borrower who might otherwise not be able to afford to purchase a home. Explore the programs we offer and find out how to become a participating lender.


Congratulations on your home purchase! When you purchase a home with support from Montana Housing programs, Montana Housing is your mortgage servicer. A mortgage servicer is responsible for the day-to-day management of your mortgage loan account, including collecting and crediting your monthly loan payments and handling your escrow account. The servicer is who you contact if you have questions about your mortgage loan account. Explore what our servicing department has to offer.

Reverse Annuity Mortgages

Reverse Annuity Mortgage is a mortgage in which the money is disbursed to the borrower over a long period of time to provide regular income to the borrower. The loan is then repaid in a lump sum when the homeowner no longer occupies the home as a principal residence or sells the home. The Montana Housing Reverse Annuity Mortgage program was implemented in 1990. The program enables Montana senior homeowners to use the equity in their homes and benefit from additional monthly income. Explore the Reverse Annuity Mortgage program offered by Montana Housing.