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Montana Emergency Rental Assistance

The Montana Emergency Rental Assistance program is being developed following the passage of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, which became law on December 27, 2020. We are assessing the legislation, reviewing newly released guidance from the U.S. Treasury Department, and awaiting action required by the Montana Legislature. Additional information will be updated as it becomes available, including the application launch date once determined.

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Montana’s Emergency Rental Assistance program will serve Montana families whose income does not exceed 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) and who meet the following conditions:

  • One or more individuals in the household has qualified for unemployment benefits or experienced a reduction in household income, incurred significant costs, or experienced other financial hardship due directly or indirectly to the COVID-19 emergency


  • One or more individuals in the household can demonstrate a risk of experiencing homelessness or housing instability which may include:
    • A past due rent notice or eviction notice
    • Unsafe or unhealthy living conditions

Emergency Rental Assistance may be used for the following:

  1. Rent and rental arrears;
  2. Utilities, utility arrears and home energy costs (telephone, cable, internet services are excluded)

Payments will be made directly to the landlord and utility providers. W9s will be required.

To begin preparing for your application, renters can begin gathering the following documents:


2020 IRS tax returns


Two most recent months of income source documentation which may include (as applicable to the household's income sources):

  • Paystubs for wages earned 
  • Most recent social security or pension award letter
  • TANF statement 
  • Unemployment insurance benefit statement
  • Evidence of child support income
  • Self-employment 2020- Schedule C or profit and loss statement
  • Documentation of other income 

Lease Agreement

Utilities (Most recent utility bill or late notice)

Evidence of housing instability or at risk of homelessness

  • Late or eviction notice
  • Most recent utility bill or late notice

Duration of assistance:

  • Assistance will be available for a maximum of 15 months
  • Rental and utility arrears must be provided before any future payments are provided.
  • A single application limits assistance to three months of future payments.
  • Subsequent assistance requests require an applicant to recertify income eligibility every three months.
  • Assistance may not be paid for rental or utility arrears prior to April 1, 2020. 

Mortgage assistance for homeowners in not available under this legislation.

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