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Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Housing Choice Voucher and Moderate Rehabilitation programs are funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and administered by Montana Housing at the Montana Department of Commerce as the state-wide Public Housing Authority. The Housing Choice Voucher program provides rental subsidies for very low-income families, elderly persons and persons with disabilities, and the opportunity to choose their own rental home within the community of their choice, subject to program requirements. The Moderate Rehabilitation program provides project-based rental assistance for low-income families.


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Waiting List

To be placed on the waiting list, interested applicants must complete and submit an application online or by mail. Paper applications can be picked up at a Field Agent office or by requesting an application be mailed. When completing an application, if an applicant is interested in renting a Moderate Rehabilitation apartment, the family must select that option. Applicants must select only one of the 11 Field Agent areas. Choose the location carefully as only one application will be approved. Only complete applications will be accepted.

  • Contact Information: A current mailing address and valid phone number and/or alternative contact number must be provided.
  • Waiting List Position: To check position on the waiting list visit:
  • Changes While on the Waiting List: Applicants on the wait list must submit a Change Form for any change in household composition, income, contact information or to select a different Field Agent area. Change forms may be submitted electronically, or applicants can request a hard copy of the form from the Field Agent and submit by mail. 


To be eligible for the Housing Choice Voucher or Moderate Rehabilitation program, applicants must qualify under HUD income limits and other program eligibility criteria. Family income and composition will be re-certified annually while on the program.

Families receiving assistance pay approximately 30 percent of their adjusted gross monthly income for rent and utilities, subject to payment subsidy standards. As a family’s income changes, the portion of the family’s rent share may change.

2019 Voucher Payment Standards
2020 Voucher Payment Standards

Income Limits

HUD-published income limits are updated annually. Income limits vary between counties.

Income Limits

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does an applicant have to wait to receive assistance?

Montana Housing’s waiting list is organized by date and time of application, based on the Field Agent area selected by the applicant. The estimated time to receive a voucher depends on many factors:  the date and time of the application, persons leaving the program, funding availability, and the number of people currently on the waiting list.


Who are the Field Agencies?

Due to geographical limitations, Montana Housing enters into a contractual relationship with non-profit partners throughout Montana to carry out HUD requirements for administering many of the rental assistance programs. These contractors are known as Field Agencies.

For a list of Field Agencies and the counties they serve:  List of Field Agencies


How Does the Housing Choice Voucher Program Work?

If a family receives a voucher, they choose their own rental home from available rentals in their community. The family pays approximately 30 percent of their adjusted gross monthly income in rent and the remainder is paid by the Housing Choice Voucher program to the property owner.


Additional Program Information

Administrative Plan
Income Limits
Voucher Payment Standards 2019
Voucher Payment Standards 2020

Utility Allowances
Assistance Connect

Reasonable Accommodation

Disability Status / Right To Reasonable Accommodation

If you have a disability, as outlined under Section 504 of the Americans With Disabilities Act or State or Local Fair Housing Laws, and require an accommodation that would allow you to live and use your apartment or access facilities in a manner equal to that of a non-disabled tenant, you may qualify for a Reasonable Accommodation. For example, if you need:

  • A structural change or repair in your apartment, or a special type of apartment
  • A change or repair in some other part of the housing development or Housing Authority facilities; or
  • A change in our rules, policies, or how we do things (i.e.: how we communicate with you or give you information)

You may request a Reasonable Accommodation from your local Field Agent representative, and they will direct you on how to proceed with the process.

Visit our page on fair housing for more information.  

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