Prepare for Application

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Printable Checklist of Documentation Needed for Application

First make sure you have an email address that can be used for the online application.

 Other information needed to apply: 

  • Most recent utility bill (required, if requesting assistance)
    Future months of utility assistance will be determined by using the average of the past two monthly bills.
  • Most recent internet bill (required, if requesting assistance)
  • Landlord information (name, email address and phone number)

Household is at risk of experiencing homelessness or housing instability.

Documentation needed to apply:

  • Late rent notice, rental ledger from landlord showing past due or eviction notice
  • Past due utility bill or utility shut-off notice
  • Unsafe or unhealthy living conditions, which may include overcrowding. Montana Housing may request supporting documentation from the household in these situations.

Household must be obligated to pay rent.

Documentation needed to apply:

  • Lease agreement OR
  • Lot rent or lot lease payment agreement OR
  • Extended stay hotel/motel agreement OR
  • Written documentation like an email or letter from the landlord who can be identified as the verified owner or management agent. Landlords can satisfy this requirement by completing the Montana Emergency Rental Assistance landlord verification form online.

Households receiving another form of rental assistance must also provide:

  • Most recent rent determination notice or other documentation of the tenant’s portion of rent.

Households receiving other rental assistance should first report any income loss or financial hardship to their rent subsidy provider (such as Public Housing Authority or property manager) and complete an interim re-examination before Emergency Rental Assistance is provided.

Information for Landlords 

Landlords can initiate an application on behalf of their renter by completing the landlord verification form online. Landlords can also complete applications initiated by their renter by registering for a State of Montana citizen Okta account and logging in to the Montana Emergency Rental Assistance online application portal.

This information is needed to complete the online landlord verification form:

  • Verify renter’s name, rental address, monthly rent, past due rent, late fees, and any unpaid security deposit, as applicable
  • Landlord's mailing address
  • Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Tax Classification
  • Payee name as associated with Taxpayer Identification Number and Tax Classification
  • Select preferred payment method: Check or electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • Mailing address for check, or bank account and bank routing number for EFT
  • Property management agreement between property owner and property management company, if applicable

The program will make outreach efforts to landlords. Per U.S. Department of Treasury guidance, outreach will be considered complete if:

  • At least three attempts are made by phone or email over a five calendar-day period. The program will make at least one outreach attempt by phone, or:
  • A landlord confirms in writing that he/she does not want to participate. 

If a landlord does not respond to reasonable outreach efforts, assistance may be provided directly to the renter upon receipt of the renter’s Taxpayer Identification Number.

Application Help

If you want or need help filling out the application, you can get help two ways:

1. Schedule an Appointment
Please select the county where you reside to make an appointment. These appointments will occur over the phone with one of our application processors.

2. Get Help in Person
Get help at one of the following locations. Please call the organization closest to you to find out more about their hours of availability. 

Community Organization Address Phone
Billings District 7, HRDC 7 North 31st, Billings 406.247.4732
Bozeman HRDC of District 9, Inc. 32 S Tracy Ave, Bozeman 406.587.4486
Butte Action, Inc. 25 W Silver St. Butte 406.533.6855
Great Falls Opportunities, Inc. 905 1st Ave N, Great Falls 406.761.0310
Great Falls St Vincent De Paul 426 Central Ave. W, Great Falls 406.761.0870
Lewistown District 6, HRDC 300 1st Ave. N., Suite 203, Lewistown 406.535.7488
Livingston District 9, HRDC 111 South 2nd St, Livingston 406.333.2537
Missoula District 11, HRC 1801 S Higgins Ave, Missoula 406.728.3710

Montana Housing does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission to, access to, or operations of its program, services, or activities. Individuals who need aids or services for effective communication or need other disability-related accommodations in the programs and services offered, are invited to make their needs and preferences known to their application processor or Montana Housing staff. / 406.841.2840 / TDD 406.841.2702