Housing Trust Fund Program Overview

The Housing Trust Fund Program (HTF) is an affordable housing production program that will complement existing federal, State, and local efforts to increase the supply of decent, safe, and sanitary affordable housing for extremely low income (ELI) households, including special needs households, homeless households, and those at risk of homelessness. The State of Montana receives and administers an annual allocation of federal funds from HUD for HTF grants and conducts program administration through the Montana Department of Commerce (Commerce). The HTF program will help qualified sub-recipients direct funds for the construction, rehabilitation, and preservation of affordable rental housing for ELI families.

Our goal is to support capacity, resiliency, and the development of strong, vibrant communities, and to take action to address community needs. Commerce and HTF can do this by funding projects that provide homes for Montana’s extremely low-income households and individuals.


Program Year 2020 Method of Distribution of funds for the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) and Housing Trust Fund (HTF)

The Method of Distribution, related to the HOME and HTF Programs, is outlined within the State of Montana’s Consolidated Plan, which is submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) every five years.  Program Year 2020 is the first year of Montana’s 2020-2024 Consolidated Plan, which is being developed with public input on a delayed timeline due to the state’s coronavirus response.  HUD has provided entities until August 2021 to have the2020-2024 Consolidated Plan, including the 2020 Annual Action Plan, submitted to and approved by HUD.  In order for the State of Montana to access its Program Year 2020 allocations from HUD for HOME and HTF, the Department of Commerce solicited public input regarding the way in which it will allocate its HOME and HTF funds.  This input influenced the 2020 HOME and HTF Application and Guidelines, and will impact the 2020-2024 Consolidated Plan, including the 2020 Annual Action Plan.  This separate process is being undertaken this year to ensure Commerce can award its 2020 HOME and HTF funds in a timely manner to ensure projects continue through 2021.

The Program Year 2020 Method of Distribution of funds for HOME and HTF may be found here.
HOME Investment Partnerships Program and Housing Trust Fund Application Guidelines (PDF) (Word)
Applications were due September 15, 2020
Please see the Toolkit for additional Application Toolkit Documents
Uniform Application for Montana Housing Projects (Click Here).
The Housing Trust Fund Administration Manual is under development. The current HTF Allocation Plan and related documents are posted on the Consolidated Plan website at http://commerce.mt.gov/conplan/documents

Please use this Toolkit page to find information regarding common topics and assistance discussed with grantees. If you have questions regarding the HTF Program that are not addressed here, please contact the Community Housing Staff.

HUD Exchange - Housing Trust Fund (Link)

Application Toolkit Items:

  • Capital Needs Assessment Requirements (PDF)
  • Management Plan Template for City/County (Word)
  • Management Plan Template for Non-Profit (Word)
  • Market Analysis Requirements (PDF)
  • Preliminary Architectural Report Requirements (PDF)
  • Minimum Housing Rehabilitation and Property Standards (PDF)
  • Residential Anti-displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan (Word) 
  • Rental Housing Operation Plan (Word) (PDF)

Environmental Toolkit:

  • HTF Environmental Provisions New Construction (Word)
  • HTF Environmental Provisions Rehabilitation (Word)