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Housing Credits Awarded

Each fall, the Montana Board of Housing votes on the final allocation of Montana’s housing tax credits for the construction or preservation of affordable homes. Congratulations to all Montana’s housing tax credit awardees.

First Award Round deadlines scheduled in calendar year 2021 (for 2022 9% Tax Credits). The Board has the discretion to change these dates at anytime.

  • Letter of Intent Submission                                                      Second Monday in April (4/12/2021)
  • Presentations/Board Invitation to Apply                                   May Board Meeting (5/24-25/2021)
  • Application Submission                                                           First Monday in August (8/2/2021)
  • Award Determination                                                               October Board Meeting (10/18/2021)


Invitations to Apply for Housing Credits

Each summer, the Montana Board of Housing meets, in accordance with the process and schedule outlined in the Qualified Allocation Plan. At this meeting, Montana Housing staff present Letters of Intent to the Board, and eligible housing tax credit applicants are provided the opportunity to present development proposals.

Interested community members are also invited to attend in-person or via webinar to provide public testimony. At the conclusion of this meeting, the Board invites a maximum of eight applicants to formally submit a full housing tax credit application for consideration

Letters of Intent for Housing Credits

Applicants interested in applying for Housing Credits in Montana must submit a Letter of Intent in compliance with all guidelines outlined, inclusive of all required information (including Application fee) and by the deadline specified within the applicable Qualified Allocation Plan.

Existing Housing Credits Properties

Find a list of current Current list of Tax Credit Properties

For Qualified Contract Process documents and procedures, please contact Montana Housing at 406-841-2840.

301 S. PARK AVE, STE 240 | PO BOX 200528 | HELENA, MT 59620-0528 | P: 406.841.2840 | F: 406.841.2841 | TDD: 406.841.2702 | TOLL FREE: 800.761.6264 


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