Multifamily Development in Montana

Montana Board of Housing (MBOH) Compliance Manual

This manual focuses on the responsibilities of Owners and Managers of all Housing Tax Credit (HTC) properties from the beginning of the lease up period through the end of the compliance period. Tax Credit properties are governed by Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code. All projects are governed by promises made by the Owner in their application for funding and any other more restrictive rules implemented by the Montana Board of Housing (MBOH). These rules can be found in the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants for Tax Credit properties.

This manual includes links to forms some of which are required for use in the State of Montana, some of which are highly recommended and some of which are available just to make your life easier and your tenant files more organized. MBOH is committed to providing quality affordable housing for the citizens of Montana and it is our goal to assist Owners and Managers to better understand and fulfill their obligations under the program. One easy way to make the Owner and Investors of the project happy is to have complete, accurate and organized files and a visually appealing project. Monitors dealing with organized and complete files will find far fewer compliance issues to report to the Owner and Investors. This manual is intended as a reference to promote a better understanding of the Tax Credit program. Owners are responsible for compliance with all applicable federal and state rules and regulations that govern their properties.

MBOH Compliance Manual - New version of manual coming soon!  For any questions, please contact Rena Oliphant at 406-841-2812 or Bob Vanek at 406-841-2848.

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