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Public Comment & Hearing Opportunities

The notices are for opportunities to make Public Comment for a variety of programs or specific documents.

Public Comment Hearing

2019 MDOC Tenant-Based Section 8 PHA and Administrative Plan

March 6, 2019 at 10:00 AM


The public is invited to join us in person at 301 S. Park Avenue, Room 226, Helena, or you may join the hearing remotely to comment on the Tenant-Based Section 8 Administrative Plan. 

To register for the webinar, CLICK HERE.

Conference Call number: Dial 1.877.273.4202

Conference Room # when prompted: 4561360# 

To review and comment on the DRAFT 2019 Administrative Plan, scroll down to see all related documents on this page.

Send your questions or your comments to the Section 8 program managers at    

The DEADLINE FOR PUBLIC COMMENT on the draft administrative plan is March 8, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.



2019 PHA Plan:  Click for a Streamlined Annual PHA Plan (HCV-only PHAs)

Purpose. The 5-Year and Annual PHA Plans provide a ready source for interested parties to locate basic PHA policies, rules, and requirements concerning the PHA’s operations, programs, and services, and informs HUD, families served by the PHA, and members of the public of the PHA’s mission, goals and objectives for serving the needs of low- income, very low- income, and extremely low- income families.


2019 MDOC Admin Plan: 

HUD Requirements for the PHA Plan for Administration of Programs:  

  • The PHA must adopt a written administrative plan that establishes local policies for administration of the program in accordance with HUD requirements. The administrative plan and any revisions of the plan must be formally adopted by the PHA Board of Commissioners or other authorized PHA officials. The administrative planstates PHA policy on matters for which the PHA has discretion to establish local policies.
  • The administrative plan must be in accordance with HUD regulations and requirements. The administrative planis a supporting document to the PHA plan (part 903 of this title) and must be available for public review. The PHA must revise the administrative plan if needed to comply with HUD requirements.
  • The PHA must administer the program in accordance with the PHA administrative plan.

Title Page


Chapter 1:  Overview

Chapter 2:  Fair Housing

Chapter 3:  Eligibility

Chapter 4:  Applications

Chapter 5:  Briefings

Chapter 6:  Income

Chapter 7:  Verification

Chapter 8:  HQS

Chapter 9:  Leasing

Chapter 10:  Moving

Chapter 11:  Reexaminations

Chapter 12:  Terminations

Chapter 13:  Owners

Chapter 14:  Program Integrity

Chapter 15:  Special Housing Types

Chapter 16:  Program Administration

Chapter 17:  Project Based Vouchers

Chapter 18:  RAD Program Based Vouchers

Chapter 19:  FSS Action Plan


2018 VAWA Emergency Transfer Plan:  Click here to see eligibility and the process for MDOC's plan

Montana Department of Commerce (MDOC) is concerned about the safety of its tenants, and such concern extends to tenants who are victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking. In accordance with the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA),1 MDOC allows tenants who are victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking to request an emergency transfer from the tenant’s current unit to another unit. The ability to request a transfer is available regardless of sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation.  The ability of MDOC to honor such request for tenants currently receiving assistance, however, may depend upon a preliminary determination that the tenant is or has been a victim of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

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