If you are dreaming of buying your first home, but not sure you can afford it, a low-interest mortgage and down payment assistance may be just the help you need. Montana Housing helps make home ownership affordable for first-time buyers by selling tax-exempt Mortgage Revenue Bonds and issuing Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCC) under federal authority. Mortgages are available through participating lenders in nearly every Montana community.

How does a borrower apply for a Montana Housing loan?

Montana Housing is an "investor", not a lender.  Lenders conduct the credit analysis, and qualify your loan under FHA, RD VA HUD-184 and our qualifications. The lender then submits a reservation for funds through an on-line process called Lender OnLine (LOL).  Once your loan is closed, the lender will send a file to MT Housing for review and funding.

You can find a list of participating lenders by clicking here. (The list is broken down by city in alphabetical order.)

Program Update Memos


08/15/19    Tax Service Fee Increase

08/02/19    Rate Drop

07/15/19    DPA Change Reminder 07/15/19

06/27/19    New Down Payment Assistance Program Parameters

06/07/19    Interest Rate Decrease Eff. Immediately

05/20/19    New 2019 Income Limits Posted

04/19/19    Purchase Price Limits and Rate Policy

04/12/19    Rate Decrease

03/28/19    Rate Decrease

03/05/19    Staff Announcements and Save the Date

01/30/19    Reminders and Announcements

12/17/18    2019 Purchase Schedule Now Available

12/12/18    Veteran Home Loan Program Update

11/16/18    Setaside Rate Increase Eff: 11/19/18

11/09/18    Rate Increase Eff: 11/09/18

09/21/18    Rate Increase Eff: 09/24/18

                    09/12/18    Program Changes Re: Fees, Cutoff Dates & Tax Service Fee

                    05/30/18    2018 Veterans Home Loan Program Funds



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