If you are dreaming of buying your first home, but not sure you can afford it, a low-interest mortgage and down payment assistance may be just the help you need. Montana Housing helps make home ownership affordable for first-time buyers by selling tax-exempt Mortgage Revenue Bonds and issuing Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCC) under federal authority. Mortgages are available through participating lenders in nearly every Montana community.

These pages will help you learn about our programs and find participating lenders. You will also find valuable information about home buying, the loan process, and what happens after closing.

Good luck!


Program Update Memos


07/15/19    DPA Change Reminder 07/15/19

06/27/19    New Down Payment Assistance Program Parameters

06/07/19    Interest Rate Decrease Eff. Immediately

05/20/19    New 2019 Income Limits Posted

04/19/19    Purchase Price Limits and Rate Policy

04/12/19    Rate Decrease

03/28/19    Rate Decrease

03/05/19    Staff Announcements and Save the Date

01/30/19    Reminders and Announcements

12/17/18    2019 Purchase Schedule Now Available

12/12/18    Veteran Home Loan Program Update

11/16/18    Setaside Rate Increase Eff: 11/19/18

11/09/18    Rate Increase Eff: 11/09/18

09/21/18    Rate Increase Eff: 09/24/18

                    09/12/18    Program Changes Re: Fees, Cutoff Dates & Tax Service Fee

                    05/30/18    2018 Veterans Home Loan Program Funds



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