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Household Purchase Inventory

Home appliances are the essence of convenient, contemporary living. They define how we take care of the many tasks we accomplish in our homes, from cooking to refrigerating foods and washing clothes. Because they’re so important to our daily lives, they’ve become amazingly sophisticated both in the duties they handle and in their efficient use of energy. Our challenge is to buy the best appliances for our needs and to know basic techniques for using, repairing, and caring for them.

If you buy a clothes dryer, a vacuum, a garage door opener or some other appliance or equipment, keep the receipt as long as you own that item.  These receipts will come in handy if something breaks, doesn't work or is stolen.  If repair works is needed, it may be covered under warranty.  The receipt should show the following:

  • Salesperson's name and address
  • Serial number or other information to identify the item
  • How much you paid
  • Date of Purchase

Most equipment comes with a warranty and a use and care manual.  Keep these documents as well, to maintain the item and in case you have a problem.  While product warranties are often limited to one year, keep receipts and use and care manuals as long as you keep the equipment.  Keep receipts for repairs and repair warranties as well.

Use this form to track all your major appliance purchases and warranties.  Keep it in a handy spot, maybe taped inside a cupboard door would be a good place.  If anything happens to one of your appliances, you have everything at your finger tips.

Image of a form to keep track of Household Purchases in the event you need to make an insurance claim.


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