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Disabled Accessible Affordable Homeownership Program (DAAHP)

Brief Description: The DAAHP objective is to provide affordable, architecturally accessible homes for people with permanent physical disabilities such that they can live independently. This is accomplished by assisting people or families with permanent physical disabilities with the construction of new homes, to acquire and rehabilitate existing homes, and for the rehabilitation of a home whose owner or owner's family member became disabled after the house was purchased.


Program Offers

  • Loan insured or guaranteed by FHA, VA, or RD
  • 30-year, low fixed rate, fully amortized loan; currently:
    • $25,001-$30,000 =  5%
    • $20,001-$25,000 = 4.75%
    • $15,001-$20,000 = 3.75%
    •            0-$15,000 = 2.75%
  • Serviced locally by lender or Montana Housing
  • MBOH pays 1% of the origination fee to the lender

Borrower Eligibility

  • Homebuyer or immediate family member has a *permanent disability
  • If immediate family member, homebuyer must live in home
  • Must be a first-time homebuyer
    • Not owned a principal residence any time in past three years
    • Homeownership requirement not applicable in certain targeted areas
  • Counties: Blaine, Sanders, Deer Lodge, Silver Bow, Flathead, Mineral, Missoula & Hill
  • Census Tracts: Gallatin County 6 & 11.01 and Lincoln County 2
  • City of Great Falls
  • Maximum gross annual income is $30,000 (**after specific exclusions applied)
    • Includes ALL people 18+ years expected to live in residence
  • Buy/Sell amount cannot exceed Purchase Price Limits
  • Maximum asset limitation is $50,000
    • Excluding certain defined adaptive equipment to accommodate disability

Program Requirements

  • Purchase loans only (No refinances)
  • NO cash back at closing; principle reduction only
  • Owner-occupancy required for life of loan
  • Hazard insurance deductibles required $1,500 or 1% of dwelling coverage
    • Except Wind/Hail can be $2,500 or 1%
  • IRS Recapture tax provisions apply
  • Minimum borrower contribution of $1,000

Property Requirements

  • Single family, “fee simple” residential property
    • Attached land of residence must maintain basic livability & not provide income source
  • Manufactured homes eligible if Post-1976, de-titled & on a permanent foundation
    • Appearance & functionality of a stick build house
  • Condominiums & Townhomes in multiple dwelling units structure
  • New construction allowed; property & improvements must be completed prior to closing
  • All homes must incorporate architectural modifications to accommodate mobility impairment of purchaser or disabled family member

*A permanent disability or disabling condition which limits an individual's ability to walk, reach, bend, climb stairs or otherwise perform essential physical functions of daily living. The disability or disabling condition requires that the individual's home incorporate accessible features such as: ground floor construction; wheelchair lifts; wheelchair ramps; open floor plan; widened doorways; grab bars; roll-in showers; lowered cabinets and counter tops; over-sized rooms; attached garage; sidewalks; accessible controls and fixtures; other individualized architectural adaptations; and non toxic environments, which are accessible to people with environmental illness or multiple chemical sensitivity.

** Specific exclusions for certain defined, non-reimbursed, on-going, medical, vocational and independent living expenses attributed to disability.

Except as outlined above, all terms, conditions, definitions and program criteria applicable to the Regular Bond Program, set out in the Mortgage Purchase and Servicing Agreement and the Disabled Accessible Affordable Homeownership Terms and Conditions.  Additional resources not linked to on this page are available by contacting Doug Jensen at 406-841-2854.


Documentation Required for Reservation:

DAAHP Reservation Fax Form

Copy of executed FHA/VA Application

Copy of executed buy/sell agreement

DAAHP Determination of Gross Annual Family Income Form

DAAHP Doctor's Statement of Verification of Disability Form

Any other documents as may be requested

Fax documentation ATTN: Doug Jensen:
Ph 406.841.2854
Fx 406.841.2839

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