Young family moving into their new home, a Housing Choice Voucher will assist them with their rent each month.

Why Should I Apply for Section 8 Online?

Time Efficient

Simple with clear guidelines
No mailing hassles
Always available

Convenient Access

Information right at your fingertips!
Accessible 24/7
No mailing costs
Public computer access is everywhere!

Secure & Direct

Processed and activated promptly
Secure applications
No mistakes or guessing
Clear and guaranteed input

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and decision to apply online as it is not only beneficial to you, but for MDOC processing and activating each application.  Typically, we receive between 50-70 paper applications per day.  Processing one individual paper application takes 5 minutes to enter into the database versus 30 seconds to process an individual online application.  Applying online makes less mistakes, more security and convenient for you.

Do you know someone applying for Section 8 that does not have convenient access to a public computer?  Assure them that plenty of computers are very accessible to the public in your local area.

Some suggestions include:

  • Check a public library
  • Ask friends or family
  • Speak with a housing authority
  • Request access at a public school
  • Contact your local job agency

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