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Trust Montana
Statewide Community Land Trust

How It Happened

The O.P. and W.E. Edwards Foundation awarded NeighborWorks Montana a grant to study the feasibility of establishing a centrally administered, statewide, Montana Community Land Trust (CLT) which will serve rural communities currently outside the established service areas of the existing CLT organizations in Montana. Part of the feasibility study, conducted by the North Missoula Community Development Corporation, included a survey asking housing professionals across the state about their familiarity with the land trust concept and about their interest in learning more.

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Trust Montana Steering Committee Documents

CLT - Basic Structural Considerations

DRAFT - Trust Montana By-Laws

DRAFT - Articles of Incorporation

The Feasibility Study

Trust Montana Statewide Community Land Trust Feasibility Study (May 2010)

Commissioned by:  The O.P. and W.E. Edwards Foundation

Conducted by:  NeighborWorks Montana

Authored by:  Bob Oaks, North Missoula Community Development Corporation




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