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Are You Qualified for Section 8? 




Notice to Applicants not currently living in Montana:

Applicants must relocate to Montana in order to receive assistance.

The Montana Department of Commerce (MDOC) Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program helps very low-income families, individuals with disabilities and the elderly afford decent, safe and sanitary housing in the private market.

Why should I submit my Section 8 Application Online versus a paper application?

1. Choose ONE District for Application
  • Choose your preferred district. You may only apply to ONE district within the State of Montana's eleven Field Agency districts. Choose your location carefully as only one application will be approved.
Click here to see the Section 8 Field Agency Map.
 2. Income Limits
  • Figure whether your income qualifies for Section 8.
    • Note: income limits change annually.
Click here to see the 2011 Annual Income Limits.


3. Application Requirements

Review the following to make applying easier:


In this section, be sure to provide the HEAD of Household specific information, along with each family member. Also, specify whether the household qualifies for a reasonable accommodation due to a disability.

What is a reasonable accommodation under HUD Section 504?

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Household Status (age 62+, disabled, handicapped, pregnant or none) 
  • Number of Family Members


In this section, providing a valid, current mailing address is REQUIRED. Contact phone numbers must also be current. 

  • Current Mailing Address
  • Valid Phone Number

Notice: You are responsible for keeping your mailing address and phone number current with MDOC for the entire time you are on the waiting list.

Click here for the Waiting List Information Change Form

ATTENTION: You may designate an Optional Contact Person or Organization to assist you in providing any special care or services required; such as, keeping your mailing address and phone number current. Click on the following link for the form to do so. 

Supplemental and Optional Contact Information for HUD-Assisted Housing Applicants

Part 3: INCOME

If your income is zero, you may have to enter $1. This form currently does not accept $0 as a valid value.
In this section, provide all current information concerning:

  • Wages or Salaries (hourly, monthly or yearly)
  • Public Assistance
  • Income from Assets
  • Other Sources of Income
  • Family Assets (net or market value of real property & liquid assets)

Part 4: U.S. Citizenship Notification and Certification

Be sure to read the Privacy Act and Tenant Statement to certify that all information is true and best to your knowledge.


Click on the Submit button.

Once your application has been received, accepted and approved by the Montana Department of Commerce Housing Division office, you will receive notification by mail with the address provided on your application.

You can expect your Wait List approval letter within two months from the date you applied. If you do not receive your Wait List approval letter within this time frame, please contact the Montana Department of Commerce Housing Division at 406-841-2840.


  • Mailing address and phone number are mandatory.
  • Incomplete applications can not be processed.
  • Incomplete applications will be removed from the system.


Click here to open the application in a new window.


To view your position on the waiting list electronically, go to

Supplemental and Optional Contact Information for HUD-Assisted Housing Applicants