Young family moving into their new home, a Housing Choice Voucher will assist them with their rent each month.

Shelter Plus - Rental Assistance + Supportive Services for Homeless Individuals with Disabilities


Provides rental assistance for homeless people with disabilities, primarily those with serious mental illness, chronic problems with alcohol and/or drugs, and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), and related diseases. Rental assistance grants must be matched in the aggregate by supportive services that are equal in value to the amount of rental assistance and appropriate to the needs of the population to be served. Recipients are chosen on a competitive basis nationwide.

Rental assistance is provided through four S+C components:

(1) Tenant-based Rental Assistance (TRA) provides rental assistance to homeless persons who choose the housing in which they reside. Residents retain the assistance if they move; and the term for grants is 5 years;

(2) Sponsor-based Rental Assistance (SRA) provides rental assistance through contracts between the grant recipient and a private nonprofit sponsor or community mental health agency established as a public nonprofit entity that owns or leases dwelling units in which participants reside. The term for grants is 5 years;

(3) Project-based Rental Assistance (PRA) provides rental assistance to the owner of an existing structure where the owner agrees to lease the units to homeless people. Residents do not take the assistance with them if they move. PRA grants are also for 5 years of assistance, but an owner may get 10 years of assistance if the owner rehabilitates the property; and

(4) Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation for Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Dwellings provides grants for rental assistance. Assistance is provided for 10 years.

If you believe you might qualify for this program and would like more information, contact:

Program Manager: Laura Morrison in Helena at 406-841-2830

Or, the office nearest to you:

South Central Montana Regional Mental Health Center
1245 N 29th St
Billings MT 59101



Western Montana Mental Health Center
81 W Park St
Butte, MT  59701



Western Montana Mental Health Center
1315 Wyoming
Missoula MT 59801



Shelter Plus Voucher Documents

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