Young family moving into their new home, a Housing Choice Voucher will assist them with their rent each month.

Training Information for Field Agents



When:  October 30th through November 3rd, 2017 from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.

Where:  Helena Inn, formerly the Holiday Inn Downtown, 22 N. Last Chance Gulch, Helena MT

Why:  To learn how to effectively work within the HCV Program. 

           To become a nationally certified HCV Specialist.

Professional advancement:  Nan McKay Housing Choice Voucher Specialist certification.

Test Date:  November 3rd, 2017, in the afternoon.

Agenda:  Click here to print

Training Flyer:  Click here to print


Contact John Schroeck at 406.841.2828, if you have questions.

Thumbnail image of a Powerpoint Cover Page for a training about Housing Choice Voucher Income Calculations

Housing Choice Voucher Income Calculations


  • Definition of Annual Income
  • Whose income to count
  • Income of Temporarily/Permanently Absent Family Members
  • Seasonal Employment
  • Dependent Income
  • Regular Contributions and Gifts
  • Asset Income
  • Computing Annual Income
  • Anticipating Income
  • Calculation Examples 

Thumbnail image of a Powerpoint Cover Page for a training about Medical Expenses Calculations

Medical Expenses, Companion Animal Expenses, EID Calculations


  • HUD Definition of Medical Expenses
  • List of typical allowable medical expenses
  • Recommendation to consult IRS Publication 502
  • Medical allowance
  • What is a companion animal?
  • Allowable companion animal expenses
  • What is Earned Income Disallowance (EID)?
  • What is a Qualified Family?
  • How long does the exclusion last?
  • Determining the Incremental Increase
  • How to calculate EID using HUD worksheet

image of cover slide for PPT about Homeownership Training for Field Agents



  • When a PHA may begin monthly homeownership assistance payments
  • Housing Quality Standard requirements
  • Applicability of other requirements 

Thumbnail image of a Powerpoint Cover Page for a training about Rent Reasonableness

Rent Reasonableness


  • Governing Federal Regulation
  • Factors to take into consideration
  • Documenting Rent Reasonableness
  • Potential sources for obtaining data to determine rent reasonableness
  • HCV Rent Survey Form

Thumbnail image of a Powerpoint Cover Page for a training about Repayment of Debts owed to MDOC

Repayment of Debts owed to MDOC


  • What constitutes debts owed?
  • Unreported Income
  • First offense
  • Second offense
  • Repayment Agreement
  • Due Dates
  • Late or Missed Payments

Thumbnail image of a Powerpoint Cover Page for a training about Utility Allowances

Utility Allowances


  • Why is there a utility allowance schedule?
  • When are utility allowances updated?
  • When is the schedule used?
  • When is the allowance for range and/or refrigerator used?
  • How do I know when to apply the allowance?
  • What does the range/refrigerator allowance do for tenants?
  • What if the tenant wants to provide their own range/refrigerator.  Do they still get the allowance?


301 S. PARK AVE, STE 240 | PO BOX 200528 | HELENA, MT 59620-0528 | P: 406.841.2840 | F: 406.841.2841 | TDD: 406.841.2702 | TOLL FREE: 800.761.6264

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