Young family moving into their new home, a Housing Choice Voucher will assist them with their rent each month.

Information for Field Agents


2016 MDOC Tenant Based Section 8 Administrative Plan

2015 MDOC 5-Year Plan


The 2017 Admin Plan + three related documents are available for public comment.  Once approved, these new documents will become official replacements for the ones above.  
Click here to read them and to make a suggestion or complaint.

Income Limits - Effective March 28, 2016

Voucher Payment Standards

Fair Market Rents

Montana Landlord and Tenant Rights

Voucher and Mod Rehab Landlord Policies 

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

TBS8 - Terminating Participants and Informal Hearings

Public Housing Authorities in Montana

HUD Memorandum (Feb 10, 2011)

Shelter Plus Documents

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