Housing Day in the Rotunda

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We invite you to watch these stories about housing in Montana.

Most Montanans are under pressure from increased housing costs. Increasing costs are being driven by a shortage of housing. And the affordable inventory is suffering the brunt of the shortage. The net effect is those who can afford it the least are those that are being forced to make very difficult decisions – live with severe cost burdens on housing and ration the other necessities of life like food, clothing, and health care OR move out of their community or even out of state to find something more affordable elsewhere.

Affordable housing describes that which costs 30% of a family's income.  Housing costs over 50% describe severe cost burdening.  Those who are at highest risk are:  Single Parents, Seniors, Individuals with Disabilities.

Are you aware, that a person working at today's minimum wage of $8.05 per hour, MUST WORK 57 HOURS, EVERY WEEK, TO AFFORD A MODEST 1-BEDROOM APARTMENT AT FAIR MARKET RENT?  This would involve 2 to 3 jobs to get that many hours.  What if there is childcare costs?

Many, many of us go through hardships, at some point in life.  We need housing that supports families and individuals who are experiencing very low income, even when they are trying their best,  and allows them to get back on their feet.

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