Let’s celebrate the new Affordable Housing that you provided for a lucky community in Montana!

  • We love to celebrate affordable housing in Montana. It is a great opportunity to tell the story of how it helps families and individuals and economies, etc.
  • We do consider it a way to combat the NIMBY-ism in the world.
  • We love to help create events that allow communities to express the importance of affordable housing, while celebrating their new housing assets.  It is wonderful if we get a chance to let all the townsfolk tour a unit, so they can see what is available.


We have experience with planning Groundbreaking, Ribbon-cutting and Grand Opening events.

We can assist with:

  • Invitations, designed and sent to community leaders, organizations and local press, also, county commissioners and state representatives, including the Governor, but their attendance is not guaranteed.
  • Organizing a slate of speakers, from the various partners involved, and producing a printed agenda.
    • Including a testimonial from a tenant of affordable housing in the community.
  • Organize a tour of the property, including a vacant unit, if possible.
  • Arrange a ceremonial event: such as ribbon cutting or tree planting.
  • Promote your event to the local media.
  • Organize refreshments: such as cookies and coffee and juice.  
  • We can assist with planning many parts of your celebratory event via collaboration with your staff.


To better manage our time and travel, we request that you complete our application form.   

We will follow-up with an invitation, to you, after receiving your application, for a follow-on planning call.

If you have any questions, contact Penny Cope at pcope@mt.gov


301 S. PARK AVE, STE 240 | PO BOX 200528 | HELENA, MT 59620-0528 | P: 406.841.2840 | F: 406.841.2841 | TDD: 406.841.2702 | TOLL FREE: 800.761.6264

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