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2018 HUD Notice of Funding Availability

The FY 2018 CoC Program Competition is now open. Potential project applicants must go through local CoCs.  A listing of all local coordinators is at: https://montanacoc.org/

The full HUD Notice of Funding Availability  can be found via this link .

The 2017 Scoring and Ranking Criteria are available here for reference only. The 2018 criteria are under development and will be posted as soon as possible.

Important CoC Projects and the Montana deadline dates:  

  • Suggested completion of local Need & Gaps and local project prioritizing:  8/10
  • Initial project applications submitted into eSNAPS:  8/14
  • Certificates of Consistency submitted to CoC:  8/15
  • Projects distributed for Peer Review (not for scoring):  8/16
  • Scoring & Ranking Completed:  8/24
  • Peer Review comments sent to applicants:  8/27
  • Projects notified of rankings:  8/30
  • Final project applications submitted into eSNAPS: 9/10
  • Complete Consolidated Application posted for public review:  9/11

For more information: admin@montanacoc.org

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