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Training Opportunities for Staff and for Partners

This page will contain notices of training opportunities that are useful for any staff or partners involved in affordable housing.  We welcome notices of training that we do not have listed, so that we may update our page.


National Development Council (NDC) Housing Development Finance Professional (HDFP) Certification Program™

NDC Training builds development finance capacity.

Montana Housing is proud to bring the opportunity for this incredibly valuable training to Montana! 

We are able to do so with the help of our generous, community-minded partners and sponsors listed here.

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Join us to receive your Housing Development Finance Professional Certification from the National Development Council.


Register now AND reserve your lodging for the training opportunities listed below.  These are the remaining two courses for the HDFP Certification, and will be offered in 2018, at the Helena Hotel, formerly the Downtown Holiday Inn:  


April 16, 2018 – HD422 Computer Spread Sheet Analysis for Housing  

Dates:  Monday, April 16, 2018 (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), Tuesday, April 17 (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), and Wednesday, April 18  (8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.),

The third course in the HDFP Certification Program™, HD422 incorporates the use of computer spread sheets designed to give participants the ability to apply the financial analysis techniques presented in the previous two courses. In this three-day course, participants learn to use spread sheets as a tool to locate and interpret key financial information and to restructure a housing transaction based on revised assumptions. More time is available to consider structuring options for affordable home ownership and rental housing case studies.

HD422 Coupon Code:  MTHSG422




Helena Hotel  (previously, the Downtown Holiday Inn)
2200 N Last Chance Gulch
Helena MT 59601

No website, you must call 406.443.2200 and request a room in the Dept of Commerce room block.  

  • You will pay state rate for your room.

  • Room block is available until March 26.

September 17-21, 2018 – HD 430 Problem Solving and Deal Structuring 

LODGING:  The final course will be at the same hotel but by then they will be a Double Tree.  They officially switch end of March.  


Collaborative Solutions Logo  Thank you, to our friends at Collaborative Solutions, who have given us this information to share with all of Montana.



Webinar - Part 1

Click here to watch the recorded webinar.


Fact Sheet:  Every Child Deserves a Safe Place to Call Home (Alabama data) 

Postcard Template:  Making Your Case

Infographic: Economic Impacts of the Housing Trust Fund (Alabama data)

Post Card Template:  Merged Messages (Alabama information)


Webinar - Part 2

Click here to watch the recorded webinar.


Jefferson County Housing Profile (a county in Alabama)

Housing Wage for Alabama Counties

Factsheet Template:  California Housing

Worksheet:  Developing a One-Minute Pitch


Five Minute Refresher Course in Framing

Advocate’s College Reading List 2016

Websites With Great Communication Information

Center for Community Change

Frameworks Institute 

National Housing Conference (Housing Communications tab)

Sightline Institute

Website with Great Information on Housing Campaigns

Housing Trust Fund Project 

Thumbnail image of a Powerpoint Cover Page for a training about Housing Choice Voucher Income Calculations

Housing Choice Voucher Income Calculations


  • Definition of Annual Income
  • Whose income to count
  • Income of Temporarily/Permanently Absent Family Members
  • Seasonal Employment
  • Dependent Income
  • Regular Contributions and Gifts
  • Asset Income
  • Computing Annual Income
  • Anticipating Income
  • Calculation Examples 

Thumbnail image of a Powerpoint Cover Page for a training about Medical Expenses Calculations

Medical Expenses, Companion Animal Expenses, EID Calculations


  • HUD Definition of Medical Expenses
  • List of typical allowable medical expenses
  • Recommendation to consult IRS Publication 502
  • Medical allowance
  • What is a companion animal?
  • Allowable companion animal expenses
  • What is Earned Income Disallowance (EID)?
  • What is a Qualified Family?
  • How long does the exclusion last?
  • Determining the Incremental Increase
  • How to calculate EID using HUD worksheet


image of cover slide for PPT about Homeownership Training for Field Agents



  • When a PHA may begin monthly homeownership assistance payments
  • Housing Quality Standard requirements
  • Applicability of other requirements 

Thumbnail image of a Powerpoint Cover Page for a training about Rent Reasonableness

Rent Reasonableness


  • Governing Federal Regulation
  • Factors to take into consideration
  • Documenting Rent Reasonableness
  • Potential sources for obtaining data to determine rent reasonableness
  • HCV Rent Survey Form


Thumbnail image of a Powerpoint Cover Page for a training about Utility Allowances

Utility Allowances


  • Why is there a utility allowance schedule?
  • When are utility allowances updated?
  • When is the schedule used?
  • When is the allowance for range and/or refrigerator used?
  • How do I know when to apply the allowance?
  • What does the range/refrigerator allowance do for tenants?
  • What if the tenant wants to provide their own range/refrigerator.  Do they still get the allowance?


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