80% Combined Program

Brief description:  The 80% Combined Program was created to provide qualified home buyers with an alternative to an FHA-insured loan in areas not eligible for RD-guaranteed loans. Montana Board of Housing (MBOH) provides this program in partnership with non-profit housing partners such as NeighborWorks Montana (NWMT) or the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC).  Under this program, MBOH can provide loans at 80% or less loan-to-value (LTV), eliminating mortgage insurance.   

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General Program Information:

Current interest rate

Terms and Conditions (02/16/16)

Informational Flyer  (Under Construction)

First Time Homebuyer Education

Program Loan Criteria (Under Construction)

Program FAQ’s  (Under Construction)

Reservation Documents for the 80% Combined Program must be sent to MBOH via fax or secured scan for review:

Release of Financial Information Form

Borrower Stat sheet 

Recapture Notice

Closing documents for the 80% Combined Program:

80% Combined Loan Submission Voucher (05/25/17)

Early Delinquency Counseling

Mortgagor’s Affidavit 

Seller’s Affidavit

Recapture Tax: Notice to Compute

Uniform Rider to Trust Indenture

Except as outlined above, all terms, conditions, definitions and program criteria applicable to the Regular Bond Program, set out in the Mortgage Purchase & Servicing Guide and the Terms & conditions for 2015 Programs will apply to loans originated under the MBOH 80% Combined Program. Additional resources not linked to on this page are available by contacting MBOH at 406-841-2840 and asking for a Program Specialist.



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