MBOH staff

Montana Board of Housing Staff



Executive Team: Bruce Brensdal (Executive Director), Stacy Collette (Operations Manager), Penny Cope (Communications, Marketing, Website)



Administration Team: Paula Loving (Office Manager), Cindy Maxwell, Ashly Amato, Cheryl Smith


Homeownership Team: Julie Hope, Brandon Whitaker, Vicki Bauer (Program Manager), Doug Jensen, Jeannene Maas, Charles Brown

MBOH Multifamily Staff

Multifamily Team: Kellie Guariglia, Todd Jackson, Mary Bair (Program Manager), Robert Vanek, Rena Oliphant


Accounting Team: Ginger Pfankuch (Program Manager), Annette Blackman, Angela Heffern, Justin Schedel (IT),

MBOH Servicing Staff

Servicing Team: Emy Stueve, Kelley Kroll, Julie Fowler, Erin Barton, Lisa Huff, Rachel Young, Ryan Baker, Deana Thomas, Mary Palkovich (Manager), Barb Rennick, Jessica Johnson

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